Q1. There are various websites in the market who are providing these services very costly, then why we are providing our services at nominal cost?

Answer: We are here to help students complete their education and not to do business.

We are charging nominal fees so that we can make payment to our professional team who are helping to providing these services.

Still if you have any doubt about the quality of our services you can ask for a sample anytime from us. We assure you a long term relationship till you complete your education.

Q2. How these stuffs are prepared and by whom?

Answer: Answers are prepared by our team of professionals and for preparing these answers they refer to the reference material issued by university but the content is never directly copied from the internet because answers which are directly copied from the Internet are not accepted by the university.

Q3. How can you guarantee that i will receive the answes/ Project after making the payment?

Answer: When you are making payment via NEFT/Cash deposit/Payumoney or any other payment option mentioned on our website..... then you will have a valid proof that you have made the payment to us and no one can deny the same. We have been serving students since last 8 years with your support and trust.

 Q4. In which format services will be provided?

Answer: We provide the answers in the word file so that if any students wish to make any changes, it can be done and for IGNOU/ANNAMALAI students we provide handwritten assignments as well.

Q5. Will students get their answers as per latest rules issued by university?

Answer: Yes, we follow the rules issued by university for preparing the answers.

Q6. If the Files are sent immediately after payment, then how can it be different from others?

Answer: We keep some copies of files ready with necessary changes so that it can be sent soon after payment for students. Students of NMIMS university will have to make necessary changes in the files sent to them on their own.